About the Journal

Tobruk University Journal of Medical Science
The Tobruk University Journal of Medical Sciences (TUJMS) is an esteemed peer-reviewed,
Open Access journal with the ISSN 2789-2093. We publish a wide range of scientific
contributions, including original research articles, brief communications, case reports, letters,
and reviews, covering various aspects of clinical and basic science research. Our mission is to
advance health and health education by disseminating high-quality medical research across
diverse medical disciplines
TUJMS operates through an online manuscript processing system, which offers authors the
convenience of submitting articles and tracking their progress until the proof stage. This
secure and user-friendly service streamlines the uploading, reviewing, and editing of medical
manuscripts. We are pleased to inform authors that there are no publication charges
associated with publishing in our journal
As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), TUJMS upholds strict ethical
policies and standards. We are committed to conducting rigorous peer review and ensuring
the inclusion of only high-quality scientific works in our publication. Cases of plagiarism,
data falsification, inappropriate authorship credit, and similar ethical concerns are dealt with
utmost seriousness. Our editors are trained to handle such issues with a zero-tolerance policy
To ensure the originality of submitted content, we employ iThenticate to compare
submissions with previous publications. Additionally, we collaborate with Publons to
recognize and credit reviewers for their valuable contributions
Regarding copyright and Open Access, articles published in TUJMS are freely accessible
under the terms and conditions of the University of Tobruk. The copyright is retained by the
respective authors. Each published article will include the following statement at the end:
“© 2018 by the authors; licensee TUJMS, University of Tobruk, Tobruk, Libya. This article
is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the University of
Tobruk License”
We appreciate the support of authors, reviewers, and readers in upholding the integrity of our
journal and contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge